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Les James project is now completed Take a look at the finished product:
Click on thumbnails to enlarge .... YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!

This Award Winning Aircraft Now Belongs To Don Lord.

New owner Don Lord fits a 3 Blade prop.
G-LESZ Now Sports a Rotec 3 Blade Prop.

Now read about the entire project:

Les James KitFox PFA Approved to Fly Over UK Skies.

Latest News PFA Magazine March/April 2004 Publication
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Progress... ... ... ... ... ...

First Run ...... 19th April 2003 Les writes: Had the first engine run today, fired up immediately and it sounds wonderful, I am impressed with the smoothness of it, temps and pressures all to the book.


close up ... ... ... ...

Mod to collector ring... ... smoke & oil away from wheels...

AS of 5th July 2003 it took to the skies over the UK.... ...

5th July 2003: Les writes in an email to us...

"Old Smokey" flies, G-LESZ took to the air this afternoon with ex CAApilot Barry Tempest at the controls, two flights about 40 minutes each, he had a grin from ear to ear.

The test flight program is to the JAR/VLA,25 hours in total, mainly due to the engine being a new type.

It certainly got the attention of folks on the airfield today, tomorrow being Saturday should be interesting when all the weekend fliers turn up.

The engine sounds a real treat in the air and so far all temps and pressures are where they should be.

Hopefully I will get to fly it next week - Les

NOW PFA APPROVED and Flying in the UK... on 27th Oct 2003 Les writes -

Hi Paul,

Carried out another flight test today in very calm conditions and to check speeds since fitting wheel fairings. I flew a triangular course and the maximum mean speed was 105 knots or 126 mph,max rpm 3600. Speeds were checked with GPS.The OAT was +5 degrees C.This was with a take off weight of 1240 pounds. A comfortable cruise speed is 90 knots.

I am satisfied with todays performance,just thought I would let you know.


NOW UNRESTRICTED FLIGHT IN THE UK .... On The 20th Nov 2003 Les Comments:

Hi Paul,

The unrestricted Permit to Fly arrived on Monday,I guess you can now say that the PFA and CAA have approved your engine,at least for permit aircraft

I am waiting now for a fine day for Pilot magazine to do there flight report on the aircraft and engine.


PS. Hope the fine day dosn't co-inside with the England/Oz final.(no need to ask who you have got your money on)

6th July 2005: Les writes:

Hi Paul,

Well,this year I made it to the FFF 2005 (PFA Rally).The attention the aircraft got was amazing,due of course to the engine.I've lost count of the amount of people who admired and questioned me about it.I was invited to take part in a fly-by which was well received,but the icing on the cake was that I won the award for Best Kit Built Aircraft,if anything interesting appears in the magazines I will let you know.

How is the new model coming along ? regret I will not be at Oshkosh this year.

Best regards


PS You recall I have told you in the past about Radio Frequency Interference problems,I have fitted screening to all the ignition leads and there has been a marked improvement,not eliminated but less of it,worth doing.

Well Done!