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Update: (Project #5)

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Gianni's Renegade Project Is Now Completed! Take a look at the finished product:

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Click here to read about the start and construction of the above Murphy Spirit:

Project #2 Luciano Savio's Renegade Spirit engineered by Golavio and completed August 2006:

ready for take off..Rotec R2800 fires up on Luciano's Spirit..Luciano's Rotec Powered Spirit.

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Rotec powered Spirit..R2800 Spirit Back View

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New in flight pics ...

R2800 powered Spirit in flight . R2800 powered Spirit in flight

See also Project #3 ... soon to take to the skies!

Project #3 Max Poggi 's Murphy Regegade Project Completed:

(project engineers Golavio Engineering of Oberdan 89 41010 - Castelfranco Emilia Modena Italy)

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Max takes delivery. Proud new owner of R2800 Powered Spirit . Max's suprbly finished Spirit ready to fly.

Great in flight pics!

SUPERB! Max's R2800 powered Spirit takes to the skies. . No wonder Max is delighted!

More in flight pics: MAGNIFICO!

Max's Magnificent Rotec R2800 Powered Murphy..Max's Magnificent Rotec R2800 Powered Murphy..Max's Magnificent Rotec R2800 Powered Murphy.

Max's Magnificent Rotec R2800 Powered Murphy..Max's Magnificent Rotec R2800 Powered Murphy .Max's Magnificent Rotec R2800 Powered Murphy .Max's Magnificent Rotec R2800 Powered Murphy. Max's Magnificent Rotec R2800 Powered Murphy.

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Homeward Bound Max's Magnificent Rotec R2800 Powered Murphy
Homeward Bound!
Over Italy with winter approaching.

Winter Colours Over Italy...

Karim & Sergio Zorzin of Staranzano - Gorizia - Italy Complete their Murphy Spirit:rotecradial

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Wow! Great work done by Karim & Sergio



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Hope to receive more from Karim and Sergio!

Nicola de Gobbi and Stefano Kiro from Piazzola sul Brenta, Italy - Murphy Spirit:

Nicola Completes Spirit ."CLEAR" - Ignition on .Taxi .Taxi to run-way .Fly-by with smoke . Fly-by

The engine runs very well.
CHT is the same of an engine as without the cowling (150°/160° C in cruise). At climb and at 3100 RPM CHT rises to 190°/200°C as would be expected at high throttle.
No trim was necessary and the CG is in the middle of the range provided by Murphy MFG.
Note shorter nose, with this cut down it made the plane proportional..
Special thanks first to my wife Daniela and her patience over the 4 year duration of this project. Also working with my friend Gelu and of course Augusto Poggiali for the support Golavio provided through out the build.
Another special thanks goes to all the people at airfield in "Piazzola sul Brenta" and for their assistance on various things.

FlyBy up close .Touch and Go .Up close on the mod to the front.

Well Done Nicola - Magnifico!


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Look out for project 6.... Coming Soon

Now Please Read About Golavio - Rotec's Italian Agent:


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Gianni with his Renegade

Renegade at the field..

Renegade Ready For R2800

1st Before pic...

Gianni Golinelli of Golavio s.r.l is Rotec's Italian Agent and Representative.

Gianni is a passionate aviator who combines his duties as an ultralight flight instructor (1386 hours recorded flight time) with constructing superbly finished aircraft.

In 1987 Gianni was the first in Italy to import and assemble aircraft kits from the USA with one of the first craft being one from Daenny Aircraft in Idaho (Now Skystar) quickly following with Murphy Spirits and Rebels then through to Piper Pups, Top Concept (French origin) and a Rotax 532 powered Hurricane. Construction records show 14 Renegades, 22 Kifoxes, 8 Piper Pups and 12 Hurricanes along with assorted others successfully completed.

Its not surprising that with such success that in 1993 Gianni was bought out and one of the terms of agreement was a 10 year exclusion from the constructor industry - with this exclusion time now elapsed, Gianni is restarting and has sought out the use of the Rotec R2800 as a powerplant for his future aircraft.

The first project on his books is to fit out his own Renegade which he'll be using as a display and demonstration unit for private sales from his hanger and strip near Bologna in the Emilia Modena Region (North of Italy and a stones throw from "Ferrari Formula 1" ), along with fly in's in Europe.

Rotec is proud to be associated with a man of such experience and ability; so If you're Italian, or are in Europe, seek him out as you won't be disappointed with what he has to offer. Indeed, how could you go past all his experience in aviation, Kits, production and avionic instrumentation, couple all this with full Rotec factory support and all your needs will be accommodated no matter how simple or complex.

Office tel. 0039 059-957003 Fax 0039 059 957013 or 931457 Mobile 'phone ++39-335-8060455

Email: (Gianni Golinelli)

. .. ... ... ... Gianni, we'll be looking for the comparison after pics when the R2800 is installed!

The Team Golavio

busy in construction and promotion:

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Air shows .. .. ..

construction .. ..

Progress on the Renegade

As Promised Here are The "After" Pictures

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1st a mock-Up.. .. ......................

Then Mount.. .. .. .. .. ..Looks Great!

Start Up.. .. .. .. .. .. .. Ready to Fly!

Augusto writes on 17th Nov 2004: Our Renegade is ready to fly now but metro conditions were not ideal for the first flight.

It is hoped we'll take to the skies within the next 2 weeks.

There was also a delay due to problems with the brakes, the Matco set was discarded and replaced with a Casper system...

The engine performs flawlessly, I trust it more than a Rolex watch....

Your new 9 cyl engine seems very promising... . In any case I dream of it coupled to a BU133 Jungmaister with your new 9 cyl engine as powerplant.

Best regards - Augusto Poggiali of Golavio Engineering (Italy)

On the 20th Dec 2004 - Gianni conveys the following message:

Cowling - finishing touches... ...... ... ...

As you can see the Renegade is now complete - we've installed the cowl and have done all the prep work for the first flight.

All we need now is some good weather and we're hoping that in in the next few weeks we'll be reporting on the first flight along with some video.

The interest in our plane has been phenomenal and all are anxiously awaiting this first flight.

Best of wishes to you and all your customers for the coming festive season from the Team Golavio.

May all have a happy Christmas, proseperous New Year and most importantly good health.


21st April 2005 - after many months of bad weather preventing the inaugural flight finally on this day Gianni reports on the first flight in glowing terms - Pics and reports to follow...

Rotec R2800 Up Close ..Spirit and Rotec R200..Murphy R2800 is sensational..Finished Craft..

May 2005 Up In The Skies Over Italy..

Rotec Powered Spirit In Flight! .. Rotec + R2800  Sensational combination!

Ozzano Air Show 2005:

Rotec R2800 at Ozzano 2005 .. R2800 at Ozzano 2005

Here are some sensational Video Clips....

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Video: Take Off (2.12Meg)

Video: Flying (1.81Meg)

Video: Landing (1.43Meg)

A superb aircraft finished as would be expected by a professional organisation proud of their workmanship!!