Gee Bee "E" Model
(Dennis Emms)

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Dennis Emms Gee Bee "E" Model Project:

Progress illustrated by using pictures... what do they say: "a picture is worth a 1000 words"...

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the picture...

Stringers > Stringers . Stringers . Close Up on Stringers

.....Spar > I beam spar . Ply applied . clamps removed . checking carry throuh. Main Spar.

Ribs > 1st rib . More Ribs

Early Days> Early Days Firewall Mock Up> Mock up fire wall ,,,,

Tail Feathers > Tail Feathers Trim Hinge> Trim Hinge Check if its straight >> Is it straight? . ..

Rear Turtle Deck > Rear of Turtle Deck Rudder and Elevators > Rudder and Elevators . Progress review

Luggage Locker > Luggage locker .. Head Rest > head rest. Head Rest

Back from coating > The Model E frame gets a coating Basic Firewall > Basic Fire wall.

Is It Still Straight? > Is it still straight?

There are another 65 pics to come! Look out for progress...