Bushwhacker Air:

Spicewood Airport
New York
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Bushwhacker LLC Contact Points:

In Texas: Spicewood Airport 88R
Mail to: C.P. Connally
101 Piper Lane, Spicewood, Texas, 78669
Phones: (787) 564-6069

Email: connally@coqui.net

In New York: Plateau Sky Ranch 1F2
Mail to: C. J. Hatin
P.O. Box 4693, Queensbury, NY 12804
Phone: (518) 796-0732
Email: info@bushwhackerair.com
Website: www.bushwhackerair.com

Bushwhacker R & RSP will be Rotec R-2800 Powered Models.

Introducing the Bushwhacker "R" and "RSP" Aircraft both ROTEC R-2800 Powered.

Based on the Taylorcraft BC12/F-19 design, but will feature the following improvements:

Taylorcraft BC12-D Styling
32 Foot Clipped Wing
Patroller Style Lexan Doors
Proven NACA 23012 Airfoil
Lightweight Aluminium Gear
Aluminium Spars
Larger Baggage Compartment
Radial Powered
Hydraulic Disk Brakes
Composite Ribs
Wider Cabin than BC12
Low Assembly Time
6" Wheels
Staineless Steel Flying Wires
Auster-Style Stick Control
For more information goto: www.bushwhackerair.com
21st Century Technology and Golden-Era Nostalgia!
Rotec Factory authorised to supply R2800 Engines, parts and accessories as well as service R2800 engines.