7 Cylinder Rotec R2800

7 Cylinder Rotec R2800

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Important Information:

Prices ordering and delivery:

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Availability and Lead Time:

The lead time varies and is dependent on at what point we are at in the production cycle. We manufacture in a batch process with all engines allocated before hand in a forward ordering process.

At the moment we are at the assembly stage of a current batch of R2800's and R3600 and manufacturing parts for a subsequent batch.

  • Current Lead time for R2800 is 3-4 months
  • Current Lead time for R3600 is 3-4 months

These times can and do extend once all engines from a batch are allocated.

So in summary: If you want an engine the best thing to do is pay a 10% deposit and place the engine on a forward order. A further benefit being that once a deposit is processed the price of the engine and accessories is fixed for 12 months.

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What Comes Standard - Best Value for Money:

In your evaluation as to value for money please note that each Rotec radial is supplied with the following as standard:

  • Bing constant depression carburetor with coupling and hose clamps.
  • Diaphragm fuel pump (driven via gear train from scavenge pump)
  • Complete set of weldable attachments for building a mounting frame.
  • Complete set of rubber cushions for each engine mount point.
  • Complete prop hub.
  • Complete Igniting system including:
    • Dual Distribution (Electronic + Magneto for R2800 and dual Electronic for R3600).
    • Ignition Wiring Harness (dual for R3600)
    • Ignition Coil (dual for R3600)
    • Ignition module and heat sink cream (dual for R3600)
  • 12 Volt Starter Motor
  • 12 Volt Alternator
  • Oil Filter Block with inbuilt sensor ports for pressure and warning light.
  • 2 Filters: one for the block and one for the in-line filter to the geared scavenge pump.
  • 3:3 Reduction Gearbox (planetary) providing high torque

Furthermore the Rotec being air cooled means no radiator needs to be purchased and no water is lugged around in flight.

For most conventional "flat" engines all the above are normally quoted as optional extras. With this in mind the R2800 and R3600 become best value for each dollar spent.

More details on what comes standard with the R2800.
More details on what comes standard with the R3600.
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Overview of Performance and Specs

There is more to a Rotec Radial other than smell, great looks and great sound - as it rumbles up with throttle the wash from the prop indicates an awesome amount of available power far beyond its horse power rating.

This useable power is a result of the inherent efficiency of radials in general, coupled with a the 3:2 reduction gearbox providing an exceptionally high torque curve which is basically flat over operational rpm. The final result being that both radials swing large props at relatively low rpm (equals efficiency).

In the case of the R2800 it swings a two blade 76" diameter prop at 55" of pitch at 2000 rpm when cruising (rpm measured at the prop). The torque curve at the prop within 1850 and 2100 is basically flat and comes in at 245 ft lbs. The torque and performance of the R2800 exceeds that of a 130HP O-290.

In the case of the R3600 it swings a two blade 84" diameter prop at 62" to 67" of pitch at 2000 rpm when cruising (rpm measured at the prop). The torque curve at the prop within 1850 and 2100 is basically flat and comes in at 318 ft lbs. The torque and performance of the R3600 far exceeds that of a 160HP O-320.

Specs in more detail for the R2800.
Specs in more detail for the R3600.
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Dual exhaust Collector ring Designed to gather all the exhaust end expel it out the bottom. Dual Exhaust Collector Ring on R2800

VDO Gauge Set comprising of the following (all gauges 2 1/4" in diameter except tacho which comes in 3 1/8" in diameter):

  • Calibrated tachometer
  • Oil pressure gauge and sender unit
  • Oil temperature gauge and sender unit
  • Oil pressure warning light switch
  • Cylinder head temperature gauge and thermo couple
  • Volt meter
  • Exhaust gas temperature gauge and thermo couple
  • Fuel pressure gauge and plumbing kit

Available in standard Black Samples of Black VDO

VDO Tacho available seperately:

  • This tacho is now supplied in the above VDO Gauge set and replaces the old tacho which was difficult to program.
  • Features are:
    • Easy to wire
    • Easy to calibrate
    • Has Engine Hour Display
    • Its accurate!
  • As a stand alone unit the cost is $178USD Ex Factory For the USA add $34 for FedEx Airfreight & handling

To view the tachos and for more info use either button:

Rotec Tuned Wood Laminated Props

  • Loads the Rotec radial correctly within acceptable parameters.
  • Finished in plain timber with or without coloured tips or solid colours with or without tips.
  • Darker timber colours are available and achieved by staining
  • No additional charge for solid colourss, tips or staining.
  • Leading edge protection on all Rotec Props.
  • Available for R2800 in a 2 blade. Optimal 76" x 55" tho' other sizes are available.
  • Available for R3600 in a 2 blade. Optimal 84" x 55" tho other sizes are available..

Examples - click on the "VIEW" button to see the pic:

  1. R2800: 2 Blade 76"x55" shows dark stain and length of cord 2Blade Prop for R2800
  2. R3600: 2 Blade 84"x 55" plain timber shows size and cord 2 blade prop for R3600

Rotec Throttle Body Fuel Injection (TBI - 40):

  • Replaces the standard bing carb
  • Vastly improved performance through mechanical injection (fuel burns better through high degree of atomisation).
  • Works at any attitude
  • Available for a host of engines other than the R2800 and R3600
  • Presision engineered from the finest materials on CNC equipment.
  • More information including prices : TBI information and price

Rotec Auxiliary Fuel Pump note the R2800 comes with a diaphragm fuel pump as standard:

  • Can be either a secondary, primary or a backup fuel supply to the carb.
  • Delivery at 5 psi
  • Installed in parallel if a backup.
  • Installation fuel flow possibilities Schematic downloaded as pdf

Oil Tanks

  • 8 litre/2.1US gal in total capacity for the R2800 ( 6 litres/1.6 US Gal of oil and 2 litre/0.5US Gal of air space)
  • 10 litre/2.65US gal in total capacity for the R3600 ( 8 litres/2.15 US Gal of oil and 2 litre/0.5US Gal of air space)
  • The oil tank structure is infinite in possibilities. Care needs to be taken to drain the oil efficiently to the outlet (funnel)
  • Design of a tank is free with any order for you to build your own. A typical tank Tank shapes in more detail for a Nieuport 17 Nieuport 17 oil tank for R2800
  • Banjo fitting, clamps and lines come standard with Rotec built and supplied oil tanks see example Items that come standard

Auxiliary Electric Scavenge Pump

  • A handy scavenge pump that assists in oil removal at start-up and shut-down.
  • Pumps oil from the mini sump Aux scavenge pump
  • Schematic of the oil flow system Oil flow schematic

Engine Mounting Frames

  • The option is to have Rotec design (a free service with any order) the frame for you to build.
  • Rotec can build the frame for you at a cost.
  • Frames vary widely from plane to plane types and even within a plane type depending on the choice of cowling.
  • Frames can also vary depending on the desired engine position Frame set up possibilities the concepts apply to the R3600 also.
  • If you request a design or a build the process requires data to be supplied and this will be asked for by Rotec in an easily diagrammatic format. In its simplest form see Frames start with this - our support mechanisms are quick and efficient.

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This Price Structure:

Please Go Here:


Also see New Tacho - its included in the current VDO gauge set but can be purchased seperately for those with the old Tacho. See more for advantages of the new tacho.

For info on Rotec's TBI-40-S upgrade please goto http://www.rotectbi.com/


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How To Order

A 10% deposit based on the engine price secures an order at a fixed price for an engine and any accessories for indefinitely.

  • The deposit for a R2800 plus accessories is $1592USD
  • The deposit for a R3600 plus accessories is $2101USD

Step 1 : Email Jim using mailto:rotecadmin@bigpond.com at Rotec's sales and marketing and he will start on the paperwork, and will provide additional information as well as answer any questions you may have..

Step 2: Secure an engine by the payment of a 10% deposit this can be done using:

  1. A Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa only) - if you elect to use this method send Jim the your Credit Card number and expiry date over 2 emails for security.
  2. Use a telegraphic Transfer (wire funds to Rotec). This can be done by taking the following details to your bank and get them to do it for you (remember to notify Jim using this email address: mailto:rotecadmin@bigpond.com):

    Details for the Telegraphic Transfer of Funds Contact : mailto:rotecadmin@bigpond.com

    Step 3: Once a deposit is received an engine is scheduled to you and the price stays firm on all items for 12 months

    Step 4: We'll guide you through the entire process. Its easier to do than to write about!

    Step 5: Prepare yourself to receive this awesome power plant!

Still unsure then please contact Andrea at this email address mailto:rotecadmin@bigpond.com

We believe you'll come to realise that your search for a power plant stops at a Rotec!

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Delivery and Freight

Terms are Ex factory but we do assist and arranging freight services and quotes.

Over many years and many deliveries we have established that when all charges are totaled there is little difference between sea freight and air freight when dealing with a single engine delivery (sea freight only becomes economical when the number of engines being shipped is greater than 2).

To remove all the hassles involved in freighting engines to the USA we have a special on offer. Rotec will take on the full responsibility of air freight, fully insured, all paperwork completed, cleared customs an engine and accessory package to your door (to any location in the USA):

  • R2800 + all accessories will be air freight from Rotec's door to your door (customs cleared etc) for $1100USD
  • R3600 + all accessories will be air freight from Rotec's door to your door (customs cleared etc) for $1195USD

In short let Rotec do all the work in freighting the engine package to you to anywhere in the US at the above fixed prices!

For other countries the authorities in these countries may require payment by way of duties and taxes. However, in some but not all instances the same air freight costs apply as quoted for the USA. Please check with Jim at Rotec (mailto:rotecadmin@bigpond.com) who will research the best option on your behalf without charge.

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